Online Backup

ONESTOP IT Online Backup provides automated online backup, off-site storage, and rapid recovery of critical server, desktop & laptop data.

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By eliminating the costs and data loss risks inherent in manual backup procedures, IT personnel can now focus on more strategic business initiatives.

All Your Valuable Data, Automatically, Every Day
The ONESTOP IT Online Backup service provides fully automated reliable and secure offsite backup for the home, professional, self employed, small to medium businesses and large enterprises.

Always Online Backup
After the initial backup, ONESTOP IT Online Backup backs up your critical data using patented technology that copies only the bytes that have changed in your files and databases, using incremental patching. This minimises network traffic while enabling any days backup to be easily restored. ONESTOP IT Online Backup safely and securely backs up open files and databases like Microsoft Exchange, SQL and SharePoint, Oracle, Sybase and Lotus Domino using API specific plug-ins and Microsoft VSS technology.

Assured Off-Site Critical Data Protection
ONESTOP IT Online Backup protects your data using 256 bit AES encryption and SSL communications.
Significantly all backup data is retained in New Zealand and hosted in Tier 3 + data centres and all data is mirrored to two geographically separate locations. Each data centre facility features comprehensive physical security, UPS, emergency backup generators, and fire protection systems.

Powered by Attix5
The ONESTOP IT Online Backup service is powered by Attix5 a world leading supplier of disk to disk backup solutions for large enterprises and leading service providers.

More Reliable – More Affordable
ONESTOP IT Online Backup provides a very convenient and reliable backup and retrieval solution. You will find it more cost effective and efficient than traditional tape backup infrastructure or alternative systems.